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We have strong skills and experience, a reputation for getting to the heart of issues and a record of providing advice which delivers for the client what they need and is able to be implemented on the ground.

Our specialist services include:

Policy and Program Evaluation

  • policy and program development, evaluation and reviews at national, state and local levels
  • qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation skills to underpin policy, program and project reviews
    • desktop research, including literature reviews and synthesising data from reports and roundtable meetings
    • data analysis of statistics
    • surveys of clients and key stakeholders
  • implementation advice and planning

Government and Non Government stakeholders

  • developing positive working relationships with government departments and agencies; with non government education, employment and training organizations; and with the industry, community and Indigenous sectors
  • working with key stakeholders and negotiating outcomes within complex and divergent stakeholder environments
  • organizing and facilitating stakeholder consultations through interviews, focus groups and larger scale forums
  • overseeing ‘place based’ community development initiatives requiring coordination across the three levels of government

Professional Development

  • planning and delivering professional development workshops, seminars and forums customised to your needs, in the areas of:
    • Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy
    • understanding and application of the Australian Core Skills Framework
    • delivery and assessment of the Seeking Education and Employment Program, SEE (formerly LLNP)
    • Language, Literacy and Numeracy validation and moderation

Resource Development

  • the development of customized Language, Literacy and Numeracy resource materials to support implementation

We work closely with our clients, keeping them updated on progress in a regular manner to ensure there are ‘no surprises’ in our findings and recommendations.