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The Australian Core Skills Framework ACSF

Escalier McLean delivers customised information sessions and customised workshops in the application of the ACSF for:

  • Delivery of TAELLN401A
  • Vocational Education RTOs, providers and practitioners
  • Workplace English Language and Literacy, WELL providers
  • Skills for Education and Employment, SEE providers (formerly LLNP)
  • Community Education providers
  • Peak Bodies in Language, Literacy and Numeracy, VET and secondary education
  • Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency
  • State government education and training departments
  • Government funded projects
  • Training Package and accredited course developers


Philippa McLean Consulting was the lead agent for the development of ACSF 2012, including the development of the Pre Level 1 Supplement. Partners for this project included Kulu Adventures in Management, Linda Wyse and Associates and the Australian Council for Education Research.

The ACSF details performance in the five Core Skills of Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Numeracy. The ACSF is the validated tool that provides a consistent national approach to the identification and development of the core skills in diverse personal, community, work and education and training contexts. It offers:

  • Shared concepts and language for identifying, describing and discussing core skills
  • A systematic approach to benchmarking, monitoring and reporting on core skills performance.

To access the full ACSF document including the Pre Level 1 Supplement click on this link:

To access the Pre Level 1 Supplement click on this link: